Aryom produces high quality and original construction projects compliant to global standards in construction industry.

Industrial Projects

Aryom maintains the necessary experience and all the qualitative staff required for construction projects, from machinery phase to key delivery, industrial complexes, logistics storages, casting factories, production complexes. ARYOM with its 36 years old foundations, has conducted production and marketing activities within the structure of MOPISAN which has a long lasting important international reputation in the automotive industry. While it was conducting sales operations in 216 different locations of 72 countries of the world, it has become a partner with Mahle GmbH Germany which is a global corporation, after while it decided to end this partnership and focused on the construction industry which is its main area.


Housing Projects

ARYOM by transferring the experiences it has accumulated to housing construction, is a corporation which does not satisfy itself with “good” and always aims for “perfect” and puts “human” in the centre of its business approach, aiming to produce high quality, new generation construction projects rivalling the global standards. ARYOM continues to contribute to our lives with its original, nature compliant and prospective housingconstruction projects with high quality, byplanning each phase in a perfect manner in its every project, from materials to design, life quality to environmental compliance, focusing on the details which increase the quality of life, by respecting the values which makes a human.


Special Projects

ARYOM Insaat, depending on the demands of the investors, by cooperating with the international solution partners, conducts its five star hotels, business hotels, touristic complexes, fairs and congress centres, cultural centres, sports arenas, concept works for medical centres, architectural projects, application projects and key delivery projects with its expert team.


Social Responsibility Projects

ARYOM Insaat, ensuring its principle for respect to humanity and nature and greatly emphasizing the importance of social responsibility projects, combines engineering with sensitive aesthetics in each of its project and conducts careful consideration for each detail to increase the quality of human lives.

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