Aryom Medical Centre

Gaziemir İZMİR

Gaziemir is the fastest developing district in Turkey. It has an area of 63km2 and had a population of 150.000 in the year of 2014. Accordingly, there are 2.380 people per km2. It has a high population density. New international airport and domestic flight terminal has a capacity of 8 million passengers, in consideration with the 22.500 workers in Ege Free Zone, 4.500 workers in Sarnic Industrial Site, 2.500 workers in Kisikkoy Industrial Site, the districts of Karabaglar and Buca, total population of the region is around 1.500.000 people. Izmir has a total population of 4.500.000 people. In this region, no new land is being created for health services.

Aryom Cultural Centre, Urla


“Urla Municipality Aryom Cultural Centre“has been designed in accordance with the architectural characteristics of its region and presents its existence on the streets with its outer walls covered with Urla stones.

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28/30 Sokak No: 18 Kat: 3 Daire: 1 Gaziemir 35410 Izmir