Aryom Cultural Centre, Urla

Urla İzmir

“Urla Municipality Aryom Cultural Centre“has been designed in accordance with the architectural characteristics of its region and presents its existence on the streets with its outer walls covered with Urla stones.

Thanks to the efforts of the governor of Urla and contributions of charitable business man Mustafa Günday, a storage belonging to the municipality is presented for the service of the population of Urla as the perfect cultural centre.

Urla Municipality Aryom Cultural Centre, has been created by the governor of Urla, Mr. Önder Can, with the purpose of providing Urla with a cultural centre full of the historical and cultural aspects of Urla, and with the total demolition of a storage belonging to municipality in the centre of the district and total redesign of the area, it has been planned to actualise the project.

At this stage, charitable business man Mustafa Günday has desired to complete this project with the Aryom Insaat A.S. company he owns and has started to actualise every work in the project including the demolition, construction and arrangements, in October, 2020. “Urla Municipality Aryom Cultural Centre” ; with its stage, library, cafés, printing house, museum and activity areas, will have a reputation of becoming a hotspot for cultural and artistic world, not just for the people of Urla but also for the people of Izmir. The cultural centre which has been designed in compliance with the developing technologies, has been designed in a way which would represent the atmosphere of the era and meet its every demand.



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