Nazim Yazicilar Mosque

Çeşme İzmir

Construction of Nazim Yazicilar Mosque which was carried on by ARYOM INSAAT which is known for emphasizing social responsibility projects, was completed. The mosque which was opened for service with the Friday prayer on 3 June 2016, has been praised by the people of Çeşme.

A meaningful signature by Aryom Insaat in Cultural Heritage…

Nazim Yazicilar Mosque construction of which was undertaken by Aryom Insaat, one of the corporations of charitable business man Mustafa Günday, was opened for prayers with its modern and original architecture.

After the Friday prayer, Müfti of Cesme, Zekeriya Bulnbul stated that “On behalf of every citizen who will pray in this mosque, I thank Mr.Mustafa who voluntarily undertook its construction. There was a great need for Mosque here. I thank Mr. Mustafa Günday and all employees of Aryom Insaat who showed great effort to contribute to our cultural heritage with this beautiful mosque”. Charitable business man Mustafa Gunday who undertook the costs of the construction and granted it to the population, said: “As Aryom Insaat, our business understanding is always based on “first the human, then the design” principle.

In order to make the world a better place, we first need to respect the humans then the nature. Therefore, with each of our project, we combine a sensitive engineering perspective with artistic aesthetics, and plan each and every aspects of the work in order to increase the living quality. We closely monitor the world around us in order to ensure that our projects are original and show a great deal of effort to create new projects which can be differentiated from other and reflect our creativity.With the opening of this unique mosque, I thank Çeşme Municipality who provided us with this opportunity and this beautiful land to us, and wish that Nazim Yazicilar Mosque would be beneficial to the population.”



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